DJI Phantom Version 1.1.1

DJI Phantom Version 1.1.1

DJI Phantom QuadCopter Ready To Fly Kit DJI0300 Version 1.1.1
Upgraded to NAZA V2 Flight Controller
Greatly increase stability, NAZA V2 can be plugged with gadgets like the DJI iOSD Mini (Flight Data to overlay on FPV system) or 2.4Ghz DataLink Module so that Phantom can use waypoint function. However, the stock Phantom cannot plug an play with 2.4G datalink because there is no CAN-BUS connector on the new main board. So you need to purchase a PMU for Naza-M V2 to connect 2.4G datalink. Also, 2.4Ghz datalink sold separately.

Dual Antenna (Futaba FASST standard ready)
It came with a new receiver, if you have a Futaba FASST standard transmitter, you can use that to bind the Phantom, for how to bind, you need to checkout DJI’s website.

New Transmitter with new circuit design
With both sticks in the middle (even the Throttle Stick have spring back to middle), although the outlook of the transmitter is the same as the old one, the circuit board inside the transmitter is completely different. It offers longer transmission distance. That’s a great improvement.

Self-tightening Propellers
Many players have the propellers flew away because they forgot to secure the propellers, so DJI updated with Self-Tightening props, that helps!

Comes with Gimbal Tilt Angle Lever
If you have a gimbal on the Phantom, you can control the angle with this little lever
The Phantom is the new Ready-to-Fly QuadCopter from DJI Innovations and does not include a camera just the GoPro mount.

The Phantom comes supplied from the factory with fully set up flight parameters and functions which have been tuned by the engineers for outstanding ….. Read More on the Phantom

DJI Phantom QuadCopter Ready To Fly Kit

The Phantom is a Ready-to-Fly QuadCopter from DJI Innovations, this is their first small sized VTOL multi-rotor QuadCopter in the Ready To Fly market. While the Phantom might be a new addition to DJI’s lineup of products in the Ready To Fly market the Flight Controller is not! The Phantom is fitted with the fully integrated and class leading Naza Flight Controller and GPS unit.
The Naza GPS Flight Controller has been installed on thousands of Flame Wheel Frames and other multi rotor airframes and is respected as being one of the most dependable and stable Flight controllers in the Multi Rotor world. The Phantom much more than just an attractive Ready To Fly air frame in appearance. The DJI Phantom Ready to Fly Kit can be used for either fun flights or for aerial filming, included with the Phantom is a fixed GoPro mount so you can add a camera from day one and start taking advantage of this extremely stable system.
The Phantom comes supplied from the factory with fully set up flight parameters and functions which have been tuned by the engineers for outstanding flights. Supplied with its own dedicated R/C controller battery and charger there is no more guessing what parts are going to work with the system, this means that from the box you will experience the best flights with an easy to operate and stable QuadCopter with the best kit included for you.
The compact design of the Phantom makes it easy for transportation, it will fit into your backpack allowing you to explore more and take photos in places you never could before .
More Info From DJI Innovations On The Phantom Here
Attractive and highly integrated design
Stable, yet agile performance, easy to fly
Two flight control modes, including position hold
GPS & Compass module included
Contains remote control unit, ready to fly. (Just add TX batteries)
Intelligent Orientation Control (IOC) mode
Low voltage protection
High intensity LED Indicators, to aid orientation during flight
Fixed Camera mount included for GoPro (camera not included)
Lipo flight battery and charger included
Frame approx 33 cm motor to motor
All in One Design Ready to Fly
Power monitoring Unit with 2 level voltage protection
Accurate Position and Altitude Hold (Built in Gps and Barometric Sensors)
Highly Accurate flights
Multiple Flight Modes
Intelligent Orientation Control
Enhanced Failsafe Protection with Return To Home and landing feature
High Intensity Led Lighting for orientation

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